TrackerGate puts you in control of tracker cookies.

trackergate screenshot

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  • With the trackergate app. you can see cookies being sent from your computer, and stop them.
  • You can stop 1st party or 3rd party cookies for any browser or internet aware application on your computer.
  • You can also stop "referer headers", indicating URL of the page hosting a link you have clicked, from being sent to web sites.
  • You can also stop many advertisements from being displayed.
  • "Do Not Track" indications from any PC browser will be detected and 3rd party cookies removed before reaching websites.
  • Web sites ignoring "Do Not Track" indications, perhaps from outside EU and US juristiction, will be prevented from tracking you, and their host names will be displayed.
  • Advertisers must now ask your specific permission to track your on-line activity.
  • Supports Windows Vista and above.
  • Works with any PC browser. Apple Mac and iPad coming soon.
  • Patent-pending technology.
  • Download the free trackergate app. here.