Cookies and ePrivacy.

A European law requires websites to ask for your consent before placing some kinds of "cookies" in your browser, the software you use to surf the web.

Cookies are files used by most websites to let you log in, translate, purchase goods and so on.

Many companies now also use these cookies to track your movements around the web. In this way they can monitor and improve the value of the services they offer, or provide advertisements that they think are relevant to you based on your browsing habits/history.

Some people do not like to be tracked, while others find it useful.

It is important that people have the choice and this is why the law was introduced.

CookieQ is a service from Baycloud Systems which allows visitors to a website to give or withdraw their agreement to cookies.

On sites that display the CookieQ button you can choose what cookies to accept while staying opted-out of others.

A website showing a CookieQ button will not place cookies in your browser unless you agree. Enough information about the cookies used on the site must be provided so you can make an informed choice.

When you click a CookieQ button, or an icon or link in a CookieQ banner, a panel will appear telling you how cookies are used and letting you give or withdraw your consent.

CookieQ will store your choice in your browser so you do not have to give it again at your next visit. Baycloud Systems does not collect any information about visitors to any website!

You can change your consent to cookies at a particular site at any time either by clicking a CookieQ button on the site, or by visiting the CookieQ cookie management page. Here you can browse to the name of a site where you have previously agreed to cookies and withdraw or give your consent.