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The CookieQ button is an easy to implement and low cost way to get your websites to comply with the new cookie regulations.

Any web server technology can use the CookieQ button, and our powerful scalable cloud-based solution gives you the tools to comply completely with the EU Directive in minutes.

Our button lets your visitors give you consent to store cookies on their browser. Visitors to any of your sites only need to opt-in to your cookies once, and can quickly see or change their Cookie Consent status at any of them.

Your visitor's cookie consent status is also signalled to your web site scripting code where you can trigger your own dynamic cookie-consent aware elements.

A Cookie with the the name __cq and the sub-key Consent indicates that your visitor has consented to cookies i.e. __cq=Consent=1

The number of days left before their consent lapses is given by the Days sub-key i.e. __cq=Days=n

Even though you are notified of a DNT (Do Not Track) header, CookieQ tells you if the visitor has agreed to your cookies. CookieQ has an invisible layout option for pages that do not need to display a button.

You can also configure the CookieQ button so that cookies strictly necessary for the operation of your site will not be removed from visitor's browsers.

You can continue to use some Analytics providers such Google Analytics with CookieQ irrespective of whether your visitors have opted-in to your cookies. If they have not CookieQ ensures that cookies capable of identifying visitors are automatically removed.

If your visitors have not given consent, any non "httponly" cookies your scripting code inserts will be removed from their browsers. The very large majority of cookies are not "httponly", and it very easy to configure your site not to insert them. For instance if your site is based on the DotNetNuke web content management platform you only need to find the httpCookies element in the web.config file and make sure the httpOnlyCookies attribute is set to false. Also you should paste the CookieQ button HTML into the header section of your target module e.g. HTML Module->Settings->Advanced Settings->Header.

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More customization options are available if you sign up, for example the ability to display your own logo and configure our customisable reminder banner. You can also configure a button to support visitor's browsers that do not support JavaScript.

Upload your own Logo which will be displayed when visitors click the CookieQ button, or visit the My Cookies page. It should be in a .png, .jpg or .bmp file size 200 X 80 pixels.

Advanced techniques.

The CookieQ Platform has an advanced set of customisation features and an API available to signed-up customers.

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